Saturday, June 16, 2012


Say what ?! Twice in one week I am on a roll J
Late at night when I’m lonely I indulge in some shoe porn. at least till I can afford the ones I want. Cuz child I refuse and reject those go Jane imitations. Sorry my feet my choice.
Notice the louboutins are at the bottom of my wishlist ;)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

¡Hola its been a while

 Carrie and them lied!!! Being a young chick out here is not all about fabulous parties, shoes and man problems!


I’ve always found it funny when my friends were being harassed about their marital status, now Karma has come to bite me in the ass. If you’re African you know what I’m talking about. It starts as innocent questions “any one special” “hope he’s treating you nice”. Then it escalates full on rudeness, even from folks that don’t even know you like that.

The strangest was this guy I went to high school with in Nigeria. I haven’t even talked to him in forever. Mind you I probably shouldn’t have even responded. But this fool goes on to ask me about my taste in men o_0. Then he asks if I prefer white or black men. In a bid to end the weirdness I just told him I’ve never been with a white guy. This swegbe (illiterate goat) went on to ask how come I’ve never dated one in the six years I’ve been in The US. It took all the Jesus in me not to cuss him and his whole family out. At first I was pissed off but later I figured why am I mad at fools that don’t even understand that they are being RUDE.

I’ve concluded that a majority of Nigerians have an Entitlement complex. They feel like they can say whatever stray thought that flies through their head without any consequences.