Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cyber week
I get my Christmas shopping done early during the year so this is my time to focus on Me. I’m a sale shopper nothing gets me going like a good sale. But black Friday was a bust; I mean no good sales to be found anywhere. Being a mall rat it’s shocking to walk out of the mall with nothing whatsoever. All hope is not lost though; cyber week is still here with all kinds of awesome deals.

Check out Aldo’s loafers 

@ $34.99 you are going to be mine muahahahah.
Topshop has something that Ive been keeping my eye on; the vectra studded slipper @ $56.00. I think thirdworld profashional has them. Even though they aren't on sale we are going to become better acquainted come Friday. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day
It was a great thanksgiving and I give thanks for my family, wonderful friends (Dee, L & Yoyo), my health and my suck a@# job (it the bills paid for now)

        On that note I have a question for the blogosphere. Just because a person isn’t a people person why do you assume they must be miserable?

I get that reaction at work a lot. Unfortunately for me I work at a convenience store and unfortunately for some customers I’m not a people person. I smile say hi and give appropriate responses, but when a body starts with the small talk oh how long you worked here, man it’s hot out here. You get the blank stare.

        I think I either didn’t get the small talk gene or something went terribly wrong in the developmental stage. I mean it’s painful. The few times I’ve tried small talk I get a headache, burning in the back of my throat and it just comes out all choppy and awkward.

        People have gone as far as to ask me if I was having a bad day, if it was my second job. I mean seriously people pay for your groceries and move on. If you’re looking for a person to give you some attention get a girlfriend or hire one….. I mean just saying.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you even remotely liked Scar face or Tony Montana you’ll love Dmitry Medlov

If you loved the Godfather, Scarface or the Sopranos this is the book for you. It’s the first book out of a 5 book series. Dmitry and Royal are awesome. I read the book in like one night, couldn’t put it down. Your life will not be complete until you read the entire series. Waiting on my own Dmitry, sans the whole Russian mobster thing LOL.
It’s a great love story. Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plenty of fish…

What a day, the city of Dallas should be ashamed! Took me 2hrs to get from the galleria back to Arlington, it should take 45mins tops. Had hwy 75 shut down for some bullshit. 
     I got woken up this morning to hear Bf problems. One would think being single I wouldn’t have to put up with these sorts of things, the things I do for my girls. I try to be as honest as I can with my friends without being a complete douche but what would you say to this? She met a guy online, about two months later she gives him the keys to her apartment. Then come to find out the guy is married, but she feels like it’s okay bcos the fool claims they are separated. However for some reason they still live together. Then first fight they have, about her deleting her profile on the dating site mind you, he’s calling her a whore and a bitch. All I can tell you babes is this story cannot end well, if you got to ask you already know.

Party on the bottom

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas wish list

Happy Thursday

In North Texas it’s finally fall – yeah boi! I survived the heat wave of 2011. I was at the store yesterday and noticed all the Christmas deco is out in full force. Made me wonder where the year went.

2011 was pleasantly eventful with no big regrets. Makes me wonder if that’s a sign of maturity or just lack of the time to actually get into any real trouble. Things that make you go hmm… Hopefully 2012 will be even better. Hopefully I’ll get in touch with my inner artist next year. I know the artistic me is in there somewhere waiting to burst free.

In other news just paid for my ticket home for New Year’s. Haven’t been home since 2009 I’m so happy I could just lay an egg. Going to spend the weekend going over my list, getting gifts and stocking up on sunscreen and bug repellant.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever!

Long time no see

It’s been so long since I did a blog post, but I just took my exit exam.. you are currently looking at a GN (graduate nurse). Just waiting on the Texas board of nursing to send me the clearance to test – yay me!..

So I’m using this time to catch up on all the friends I neglected and convince the others that the madness was just temporary... it really was I’m fine now. Catching up on my fashion game, working fulltime and being in school is not easy. Something’s gotta give. Went shopping with my bestie, couldn’t find anything I absolutely loved. But it was fun just being out and not have to think about school, scrubs or exams. On that note I've decided I’m going to have to hit that treadmill and abstain from drinking Dr. pepper for a while and get rid of this bubble gut =(

I’ll let y’all know how that goes

Bye for now